Supply of Semi-Rigid

We have a team of specialized workers handling, dealing and installing semi-rigid pavement.

Aside from our specialized team, we also provide quality assurance for the projects we do by conducting regular testing of the material, leaving you an ease of mind.

Due to our professionalism on the job, we have managed to secure numerous projects such as the C1685 with a volume of 630m3 and the RD300 with a volume of 3250m3.

Supply of Granite Materials

With our own dedicated source of supply of granite material, we are able to control the production process to ensure the exact sizing and gradation of the granite material required for the production of road base material and asphalt premix and building materials


Milling and Resurfacing

With our new and modern milling and paving equipment, coupled with our dedicated and well-trained personnel, we are able to provide service for your milling and resurfacing of Asphalt Premix to meet your requirement.

Asphalt Premix Production

  • Our plant is the state of the art for the latest model of Universal NG200/320 asphalt plant from the premier Swiss plant manufacturer Ammann.
  • It has a fully automated system of production with production rates at over 320 tons per hour.
  • This plant would be the most efficient of its kind in terms of fuel consumption. Warm mix technology also allows for production at lower temperatures. A drop of 35°C allows production with 15% less fuel.
  • Meets stringent emission and dust control requirements.


Supply of Asphalt Premix

We provide one-stop service in producing, supplying and laying of Asphalt Premix and Road Base Aggregate including the Cement Treated Base (CTB).

We also have 10 dedicated paving and milling gangs with new and dedicated sets of paving, compaction and milling machines to serve your needs.